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Thousand and one wonders of Uzbekistan

Come and feel the land of a thousand and one nights in this world of sweetness and hospitality. You will travel through the territory of a light rhythm as Aladdin on his magic carpet. In every city you can enjoy the monuments that adorn the landscape with… 

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Crossing from Kizilnura to Grand Chimgan

A 100% trekking holiday in Uzbekistan, where the beauty of the mountains of Tian Shan is revealed beside the architectural splendor of monuments. From north to south Uzbekistan, this trip provides the opportunity to explore the secret mountains of Chhimgan… 

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The Mount Chimgan Tour

If you have always had a special interest in rarely visited regions and particularly attractive destinations, this trip is just the right choice. Named by the locals as one of the most beautiful mountains of Uzbekistan, the western runner Tian-Shan impresses… 

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Mountains and the legendary cities of the Orient

The circuit-oriented hikes in the mountains and trips to the cities of the Silk Road: Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. For 5 days you will discover the Nurata mountain chain, camping and overnight stay in the guest family.… 

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