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About us

Zamin Travel

The private tourist agency "Zamin-Travel" was created in 2003 by Isrofil Usanov after a few years of experience tour guide. The agency offers various programs in Central Asia on the Great Silk Road: cultural trips or adventure travel, groups or individuals. With professional guides of this agency, you can explore the towns and villages of Central Asia, the Kizil Kum desert crossing, trekking in the mountains of Tien Shan and Pamir.

Isrofil Usanov

Founder and leader of the agency, Isrofil began the marvellous adventure of tourism with guide's job. He also teach in French at the university.Endowed with a true expertise specialised in tourism, he takes new circuits up regularly on specific routes. Pillar of the agency, he formed all his team, of guide's job in the english, german, french and italian languages, logistics in accountancy. He assures commercial canvassing.

Nilufar Usanova

Responsible for all the logistic of the agency, Nilufar started the career as professor of French. True French speaker she also own in Russian and English. She manages totality finances of the agency. At every request of client, she takes care of allocating the best tandem guide/driver. She also runs the houses of guests entirely decorated by her care (Bukhara, Samarkand), for which she forms the personnel and makes sure of the quality of the best service. Nilufar also looks after the communication of the agency and of the Internet site.


After the studies to become professor of French, Khilola joined the team to assure all administrative. Very reactive and very implicated, she manages the totality of mails. True link between you and the agency, she answers every request of client, for which she draws up a complete file (circuit, price, reservation) and controls the continuation.


After his German and English studies, Umida taught as a school teacher before joining the team to provide administrative and reservations sides. Processing the messages in these languages, she ensures responsiveness and complete monitoring of your application. You can count on her to be the first link between you and Uzbekistan!


Recently included into the agency, Sherali followed studies to practise as professor of English and German. Perfectly German and English-speaking, he takes care of all requests clients of theses languages.

Our team

By their passion, expertise, knowledge, simplicity and exceptional kindness, all members ZAMIN -Travel team will be the best ambassadors of their culture and the best companions of your journey. They will make your trip unforgettable!


With the extreme kindness, the unfailing smile, adorable Murod can put on in 4 forever to find a solution. His professionalism and his knowledge of French, in trek or in a cultural frame, return this understanding and very engaging man.


Of a big professionalism, Dilchod is enthralled by culture and history of the country. A man of ground of a big kindness.


Of a big kindness, Ilkhom is the youngest and the last to have joined the team. Passionate and clever he can make appreciate all facets of his country. An engaging man.


With the exceptional sense of humour, the big kindness, and the unfailing smile, Pardaboy can always find a solution in a cultural frame or in trek. His professionalism and his knowledge of French return this patient and engaging man.


Good professional, Obid controls French perfectly well. Enthralled by the history of his country he can make it appreciate all facets. A serious man.